Ep 5: The Flow of Self Evolution

Season 1
Season 1
Ep 5: The Flow of Self Evolution

Monique and Aja chat about Monique’s experiences being raised by her mother, who moved to the US while leaving Monique and a sibling with her paternal grandmother until the age of 7. Monique shares candidly about how this did and didn’t impact her relationship with her mother. She digs into how she has grown through her journey of acceptance and how she’s found a way to relax into flow and obtain peace of mind, even while her relationship with her mother still isn’t everything she’s ever wanted but it’s everything she accepts.

Specifically, topics discussed in this episode are

  • The things that prohibit you from forming the close relationship with your mother
  • The impacts of automatically trusting your mother when she doesn’t necessarily come from the perspective of your best interests.
  • How some mothering trains you to blindly trust and value others opinions more than you trust yourself, if at all, how it impacts your life. We also discuss how to transition out of it.
  • How understanding your “why” will help you heal.
  • The impact of attempting to protect siblings from your mother’s parenting.
  • Shifting your mindset around your perspective of your mother’s interaction with you so that you can be free, “change your dance” and have peace of mind.

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