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Latest Episodes

Ep. 9 The Need For Protection

Aja converses with Tiffany Grant about when Mom doesn’t protect you, primarily from the men she brings into your lives.

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Ep 8: Why this? Why Now?

Who is Aja and why did she decide to do this podcast? In this episode we find out the answers to these questions. Aja shares her personal journey with...

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Behind The Mic

Aja Marie

Show Host

Aja has spent her life digging into the places most don’t want to go, facing fears and learning to come out on the other side exactly as she desires. A former ‘American Dreamer’, she ditched it all when she realized that dream wasn’t hers. She’s since lived in Mexico, become a homeschooling mama, and has found a way to use words, in various forms, to express herself and connect with others. 

Mom of one, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend. Aja believes many times your pain isn’t just for you but to help others experiencing similar things. “I must be here to do something great because God wouldn’t put me through all this for nothing!” Aja inspires others through her work.