Summer Series E3: When No Contact Is the Only Option with Tia Jones

She Said We Shed Podcast
She Said We Shed Podcast
Summer Series E3: When No Contact Is the Only Option with Tia Jones

Ever wonder what makes a person totally cut off family members? In this episode Aja talks with Tia Jones, a Self-trust coach focused on helping mothers go no contact with their mother and define what motherhood looks like for them afterwards.

Tia Jones is a childhood trauma survivor and self-mothering coach helping BIPOC cycle-breakers stop treating themselves like shit and give way less fucks about what their mom thinks. 

In this episode, we discuss…

  • What Tia’s relationship with her mother was like growing up 
  • The deciding factor that made her go no contact 
  • Flying monkeys: what they are and how to address them
  • How anyone who is an extension of you is prone to receiving the same treatment from your abuser
  • Determining if going no contact applies to your children and spouse also or just you
  • How your mother’s voice can still dictate your actions even after going no contact

This conversation is a peak into the world many don’t understand, when someone feels they have no choice but to cut their mother out of their life for their own health and the health of their family.

You can find Tia on Instagram @helmistryco or on her podcast ‘The Helmistry Pod’ (formerly ‘I’m The Mom Now’).

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