Ep 7: The Compassion Effect

Season 1
Season 1
Ep 7: The Compassion Effect

Where has our compassion gone and how do we get it back? Aja explores compassion, the lack of it and how we can begin to address the lack of it; first with ourselves and then to those around us, especially our children.

Through personal stories of a forced, unwanted abortion, an epiphany while watching a trauma conference and a recent interaction with her son, Aja shows us the damage of the lack of compassion in mothering. She works to decipher where black moms began to “lose” their compassion and then explores ways to begin to be compassionate to ourselves again.

Through this conversation we’ll explore

  • The lasting impact that having a lack of compassion can have on our children.
  • How compassion can be used as an initial step to healing.
  • Learning to fully see yourself and the role compassion has in that.
  • Ways to use compassion with your child/ren and how it impacts them.

Practice Session

How can you extend compassion to yourself this week? This will take an awareness of where you are mentally, physically and/or emotionally. When you recognize where you are, sit with that and, if necessary, extend compassion to yourself.


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