Ep 8: Why this? Why Now?

Who is Aja and why did she decide to do this podcast? In this episode we find out the answers to these questions. Aja shares her personal journey with black mama trauma and how its led her to the place of creating a podcast about it. Aja expresses her reasons for feeling that now is the perfect time for She Said We Shed and why she has a stake in the game and why you should tune in. Aja opens herself up and allows you to go deep into the person behind the mic. 

We learn

  • what “no contact” is and why Aja decided to go no contact with her mother
  • the many ways Aja tried to seek healing without going no contact
  • about the dynamic Aja had with her mother
  • how toxic behavior accumulates to become trauma
  • the exciting reasons Aja feels now is the perfect time for She Said We Shed


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